Thursday, March 30, 2006

Bill As A Candidate

4th edition of tasmania's treasure is about Mr. Bill.
There'd be no doubt that he is one of the most influential person for all of us as well as Echo. In fact, our group was formed by his eco-tour to the Blue Tier.
Now, he became a candidate of his dearest political party, Greens.
I knew it when I met him at Salamanca market by chance.
Actually, here you can check his profile on mid March state election;

I expect he'll surely run again for a next chance!

Friday, March 24, 2006

We want a
next challenger!!

After I found the treasure Masa hid for me, I also hid my own somewhere else in the forest. You can be the next hunter.

Clues I can give you are only one sentence and a picture so far.

Here are hints so far...
(1) The treasure is hidden along a path to suikinkutsu(a Japanese traditional water harp, the blue tier has the harp in a forest. go to this site and find more information http:// )
(2)The place where the treasure is near by looks like the picture above...

If you are really interested in this, leave a message to show your passion to find the treasure in the comment box of this article and You will find additional clues from me.

We appriciate your effort to find the treasure and hide your own in the forest just like Masa and I did for followers after you. Why don't we make this event long and big fun?

The treasure in the forest is waiting for you!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I found the treasure!!

On the morning of the 2 of March, I(Shoko) found the treasure that Masa hid in the Kodama’s forest!

[How I found it] It was more difficult than I expected it would be. It was relatively easy to find the first hint Masa gave me because it was the one I wrote a message on its back the last time I visited the Blue Tier and placed in the forest. After that, however, around the hinted doll, I felt lost with so many plants which look like the tree Masa gave me as the second hint.

When I was feeling lost in the forest, our kind friend, Tom, who was watching Masa hiding his gift, gave me another clue. It was which plant to focus on within the second hinted photo. And I could found the green across the path between the doll is special compared with other plants there and similar to the one in the photo.

I was looking around the tree the plant was standing just beside, found a plastic half-transparent box behind the tree. Just like photos on the left.

I opened the box in a hurry and found a gift from Masa. It was a making DVD of the “the princess Mononoke”, which I showed people when we as Echo had our activity in 2004. A huroshiki(a Japanese styled wrapping cloth) which wrapped the DVD is also a part of his gifts as he said in his message attached with the gift.

[Impression] Though there are several times we could watch the movie "the Princess Mononoke", I hardly knew how it was made. This DVD will bring me more ideas of the film and I am looking forward to watching it. Also, huroshiki is good for wrapping stuffs because we do not have to throw it away but use it again. I am very glad. Thank you, Masa!!

----article by Shoko

Tuesday, March 07, 2006



左の写真、どちらも今回タスマニアで拾ったもの。右は大学近くのSandy Bayで、左はBlue Tierの山の上で、それぞれ見つけました。どちらも似たような材質と大きさで、恐らく同じ種類の石じゃないかと思います。って、でも色が違うよね。 な~んでか。

それが染まってこういう茶色になったんだと考えられます。(科学的な証拠はないけど。) 石まで染まっちゃうなんて、こまっちゃうなぁ。 やっぱこれもタスマニアの宝でしょ!

Friday, March 03, 2006



答えは、ホバート名物の土曜市"Salamanca Market"に隣接した公園です。




地図にはSt Davids Parkとあります。今回ここを案内してくれた知人によると、昔ここは墓地だったそうです。それを公園として整備するにあたって、墓石をどうするか?と考えられた結果、公園の中を通る歩道の壁に埋め込んだようです。




Wednesday, March 01, 2006

さて、僕は今回のステイで「タスマニアの宝」と言えそうなものをいくつか見つけてきました。Shokoもきっとしらないことでしょう。。。タスマニアを知ってる人も知らない人も、タスマニアへ宝探しに行きたくなっちゃうかもょ。その責任までは負いかねますo(_ _)oでは乞うご期待!!!?

さて、一つ目の宝!?は以前ホームステイしていた、Lindisfarneという場所にありました。 ホバートからバスだと10分少々の場所。
と脇の道路に標識が・・・Ducks Crossing。

Friday, February 24, 2006

Dear a treasure hunter Shoko,

I put the treasure in the Echo's forest on 20/Feb/2006.

I give you two clues to reach it.

THE TREASURE is close to your Kodama doll.
(see the picture above)

THE TREASURE is buried underneath the picture below.

Use these clues and your brain to reach the treasure.
Good luck.