Friday, March 24, 2006

We want a
next challenger!!

After I found the treasure Masa hid for me, I also hid my own somewhere else in the forest. You can be the next hunter.

Clues I can give you are only one sentence and a picture so far.

Here are hints so far...
(1) The treasure is hidden along a path to suikinkutsu(a Japanese traditional water harp, the blue tier has the harp in a forest. go to this site and find more information http:// )
(2)The place where the treasure is near by looks like the picture above...

If you are really interested in this, leave a message to show your passion to find the treasure in the comment box of this article and You will find additional clues from me.

We appriciate your effort to find the treasure and hide your own in the forest just like Masa and I did for followers after you. Why don't we make this event long and big fun?

The treasure in the forest is waiting for you!


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