Saturday, February 11, 2006

 Masa とShokoはエコー(Echo)メンバーですが、2004年で活動した後から初めて、この春(2月半ばから3月初旬)にまたタスマニアを訪れる予定で す。しかし2人の滞在は2月22日に日本からの出国とタスマニアからの出国が重なり、ちょうど入れ違いになってしまいます。その悲しい偶然を、逆に楽しい ことにしてしまおうということで今回の企画を思いつきました。私たちはタスマニアの良さを再発見するために、私たちに寄付されたブルー ティアー(こだまの森と名付けました)での宝探しの実況とお互いの発見したタスマニアの良さを自慢し合うエッセイをこのブログでアップします!私たちがブ ルーティアーにいただいた土地も調べてレポートします。是非読んでみてください。そして良ければ現地に行って一緒に宝探しをしませんか。祥子

 (Shoko)Tasmania, Australia is full of natures wonders and very beautiful place.However, there has a problem of deforestation due to clear-felling of native forests.Japanese students visited Blue Tier in order to learn and raise awareness on this issue.Some members have returned to Japan already. They hope to visit Tasmania again having many good memories of Tasmania.
 Masa and Shoko, members of Echo in Japan, will visit there again in this spring (from the middle of February till the beginning of March) after they had joined Echo’s activities in 2004. Masa will leave Tasmania on the 22 of February and Shoko will arrive there on exactly the same day. It is a sad coincidence but we would like to this is better this opportunity in a fruitful way and decided to havea brand new project like this.....We will do treasure hunting in the land we were donated(we name the land"Kodama forest"). Firstly Masa will place a gift he prepared in advance on the land and Shoko, then, will find it during her stay in Tasmania. Also, we introduce the good points of Tasmania to one another by writing essays and taking photos. We will also investigate our land and report about it on this site.We should rediscover the charm(treasures) of Tasmania we love. Have a look and join us!Shoko


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